Westminster Dog Show: Meet the Cute, Coddled Canines Competing In New York (Photos)

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It’s not all glamour when competing at Westminster, sometimes you just need a well-earned nap to recover from all the preening and trotting up and down. Click on to check out this sleepy Yorkshire Terrier and other competitors in action.

It’s a Corgi party as two Pembrokes and a Cardigan Corgi herd together at Westminster.

A Lhasa Apso shows off a head of satin hair that would make even Jennifer Aniston jealous.

This Pembroke Welsh Corgi may be short, but there’s speed in those stummy little legs.

Another Pembroke Welsh Corgi takes a short-legged stroll around Madison Square Garden.

A Havanese stands to attention with its young handler as the judge gets up close and personal.

A Bulldog and a Borzoi chill out together backstage.

A brown and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi looks out over his minions.

This Italian Greyhound looks very engaged in the action.

White furred Malteses slink around like ghosts on Halloween.

This Poodle definitely spent longer at the groomer’s than most of us do in the hair salon.

A laid back French Bulldog takes it all in his stride.

Revived from a nap, this Yorkshire Terrier puts on a serious face for the judges, despite wearing a cute little red ribbon.

Good things come in twos, especially when it comes to Whippets — the super models of Westminster.

A spotty face is a good thing when it comes on a beautiful English Setter.

A curly-haired Lakeland Terrier looks a little overwhelmed with the circus going on around.

An Australian Shepherd gives his hundreds of fans the cold shoulder backstage.

A Briard gets on two legs for a blow dry.

Every dog has its day, and this Bulldog has had a really long one and now needs to sleep it off.