Newswire: A Cure For Wellness is using fake news sites as viral marketing

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It’s pretty well established at this point that the “fake news” phenomenon is a plague upon humanity, both for the way that it easily spreads dangerous disinformation and in the way the term has been co-opted by Donald Trump to mean “news I don’t like,” but the people behind the upcoming thriller A Cure For Wellness have a different take on fake news. They don’t see it as a dangerous trend that is built entirely on profiting off of people’s worst fears, they see it as a golden marketing opportunity that caters directly to the easily fooled Facebook users and outright racists who are apparently the film’s target audience.

According to a report from Buzzfeed, the marketing team behind A Cure For Wellness has teamed up with (or created, for all we know) a network of five fake news sites that mostly post hoaxes and ...