TV Club: The 100 delivers a solid episode that muses on the complexity of leadership

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If there was one major issue with season three of The 100, it was that it had a difficult time parsing out the motivations of many of its characters. From Jaha turning toward the City of Light, to Bellamy suddenly becoming nothing more than a hired gun, the show’s third season was too often hindered by what were meant to be explosive, game-changing moments. Instead, two major deaths felt unearned, and the lack of depth to Pike’s character resulted in a strain on the season’s other narrative threads. Where this season’s premiere did a good job of hitting the reset button and showing a way forward for the show, “Heavy Lies The Crown” doubles down and begins to wade back into the murkiness of motivations. This time around though, everything feels a little sharper, a little more focused.

The reason that character motivations matter so much ...