Game In Progress: Pt. 3—Boy, the end of Gravity Rush 2 is weird, huh?

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Welcome back to our Game In Progress review of Gravity Rush 2. In this entry, Clayton Purdom finishes up all the little things that are left to do after the credits roll on this physics-defying adventure. You can find every part of his review here.

Almost all video games tell some sort of story, whether it’s a mechanical one, told through escalating complexity and difficulty, an aesthetic one, told through a gradual introduction of colors and shapes, or a narrative one, with the sorts of twists, turns, and denouements we expect. Gravity Rush 2 sort of does all of those at once, and sort of does none of them. After the gonzo climax of chapter 3, in which you soar around a gigantic fleshy monstrosity high-kicking it in its eyes, the game opens up with a final string of missions and a fully open world for completionists to pick ...