Newswire: PETA wants fictional Warhammer vikings to stop wearing fur

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PETA is known for making pretty outrageous demands in the name of animal rights, with the organization taking an extremely firm stance against anything that could be remotely perceived as forcing an animal to do something it doesn’t want to do. Of course, PETA is also known for using euthanasia in animal shelters, a position that is pretty much the textbook definition of hypocritical no matter what reasoning PETA uses to justify it. Because of that, people will often judge PETA’s actions quickly and harshly, as if its entire mission to save animals has been irrevocably tarnished by its propensity for killing animals.

This time is really no different, as PETA’s latest crusade is predictably bizarre. As reported by io9, the organization recently sent a letter to Games Workshop, demanding that the company stop glorifying the use of animal fur. Games Workshop, for those who aren’t ...