‘Tim & Eric’ Star Tim Heidecker’s New Song Approves of Punching Neo-Nazis in the Face

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Richard Spencer, a prominent member of the so-called “alt-right” who has called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” was punched in the face following Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. As you can imagine, a wave of sympathy (read: gifs, memes and hashtags) immediately followed after video of the incident made its way online. Among the many to chime in is Tim Heidecker of “Tim and Eric,” who recorded a song called “Richard Spencer.” Listen below.

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Spencer — who, contrary to said video evidence, tweeted on Friday that he “can take a punch” — has called Martin Luther King, Jr. a “fraud and degenerate” in the past. He also, in case you’ve already forgotten, got his clock cleaned a couple days ago. Heidecker’s piano ballad chronicling the event revolves around a few key lines: “You can’t wish anyone dead, even if the baseball cap is red,” he croons, “but if you see Richard Spencer, why don’t you punch him in the head?”

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In dulcet tones that only the co-host of “On Cinema” could conjure, Heidecker next assures us that “ain’t no one gonna cry” — well, other than Spencer, anyway.

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