Great Job, Internet!: Tim Heidecker wrote a song about Richard Spencer getting punched in the face

Read on: The A.V. Club.

As Inauguration Day wound down, many folks in the more politically disheartened regions of the internet found a new GIF fire to warm themselves around: a video of white supremacist and Nazi fan Richard Spencer getting decked in the face by an anonymous protester in D.C. For those (blissfully) unaware of Spencer, Wikipedia has a pretty succinct rundown of his views—a compendium of his beliefs in a “white ethno-state” that contains the phrase “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” in case you’re looking to calibrate your own, personal sense of how amusing it is to watch Spencer get sucker-punched, all while attempting to explain his Pepe The Frog pin.

For those Nazi-hating schadenfreude lovers, you now have your very own anthem: Pitchfork reports that Tim & Eric’s Tim Heidecker has penned a new song about the incident, preaching a message of tolerance and non-violence—except in this specific case ...