Great Job, Internet!: The new Mario game gets incredibly grim in this Scorsese-inspired trailer

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Last week, Nintendo showed off its new system, the Switch—an interesting fusion between the company’s long line of massively popular handheld systems and forward-thinking TV-based consoles. With it, Nintendo premiered a bunch of games from its flagship series, including the first evolutionary Mario game since Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010. Super Mario Odyssey looks, in some respects, like a traditional Mario game, with the familiar doughy plumber performing acrobatic leaps and bounds in forests, pastel deserts, and other surrealist locales.

But the trailer also featured footage of Mario in a baffling out-of-sync recreation of New York City, full of taxi cabs, skyscrapers, and, horrifyingly, humans with realistic proportions. Nintendo’s Mario teams almost never make a bad step, but the image of Mario alongside normal-sized humans in a seemingly realistic, open-world environment looks… weird. These New Yorkers are still cartoonish, just less cartoonish than Mario, drawing a ...