Terry Crews, Conan Get Shell-Shocked by ‘Battlefield 1’ in ‘Clueless Gamer’ (Video)

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We now know at least one non-guitar/comedy thing that Conan O’Brien isn’t “clueless” about: World War I.

The history buff welcomed regular buff dude Terry Crews to “Conan” Thursday for the latest edition of video game sketch “Clueless Gamer.” Together, the allies valiantly fought their way through ultra-realistic WWI shooter “Battlefield 1.”

Before the battle began, Crews called “Battlefield 1” the “most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Sorry, Crews’ five kids.

Once the game actually started, things got heavy — and real. “This is what we’re gonna look like six months into a Trump presidency,” Conan quips of the depicted war zone.

Later, “relentlessly positive person” Crews reminds O’Brien that “we’re all gonna die.”

Wartime is a b—h. Thank goodness there were emotional support bunnies around.

Watch the video above.

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