Great Job, Internet!: Read this: On the slow, messy death of Reddit

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Over on Gizmodo, Bryan Menegus has a lengthy new piece about the slow decline of Reddit. In addition to speaking to a Reddit spokesperson, Menegus also interviewed five high-ranking volunteer moderators of some of Reddit’s biggest communities. And his ultimate conclusion is that a subreddit called r/The_Donald—the “premier online meeting place for Trump supporters”—is essentially holding the rest of the site hostage. According to Menegus, “Its members spread coded hate speech, openly antagonize other Redditors, and break the site’s most basic rules with impunity while moderators feel the brunt of the abuse.” And because Reddit leadership has failed to adequately address the problem, the site is on its way to becoming unusable.

The article dives into the nitty-gritty details of The_Donald subreddit, trying to illuminate the site’s byzantine structure in the process. And it digs up stories of abuse, doxxing, and other sorts of ...