17 Great Christmas Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now (Photos)

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The only reason people love this time of year is because it’s now appropriate to binge watch a whole bunch of Christmas movies. So instead of wasting your time browsing for the best holiday movies, TheWrap’s got you covered with 18 of our favorites.


It’s another take on Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” so we already pretty much knows how this movie plays out. This time though, it’s a successful and cynical TV executive who gets haunted by three Christmas ghosts.

“Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure”

There are very few things better than Beethoven the dog in a Santa hat trying to rescue an elf and save Christmas.

“Mickey’s Magical Christmas”

You can never go wrong with Mickey and Christmas especially when the movie features pretty much all of the Disney characters from Donald Duck to Aladdin’s Jafar.

“Christmas With The Kranks”

The Kranks cause a riot when they decide to skip Christmas and go on a vacation instead (the blasphemy) because their daughter is away in Peru. After almost heading out the door for their cruise, their daughter decides she’s coming home after all, leaving the Kranks scrambling to get a fancy Christmas party together in the nick of time.

“Miracle on 34th Street”

A typical feel good Christmas movie to remind everyone that Santa Clause is really real. A woman is tasked with hiring a Santa Clause look-a-like to pose for pictures at a department store when she comes across a man named Kris Kringle–who happens to really be Santa.

“12 Dates of Christmas”

A woman keeps reliving Christmas Eve, including a date with a man named Miles, over and over again. How horrible.

“Marry Me for Christmas”

Most people dread the holidays because they don’t want to be asked about who they’re dating, when they’re getting married/pregnant, etc. In this movie, a woman gets one step ahead of the game when she enlists her employee to pretend to be her fiancee to make her family happy.

“The Legend of Frosty the Snowman”

It’s not Christmas without Frosty the Snowman. Don’t argue with us on this.

Frosty ends up in the little town of Evergreen where its mayor is strict and doesn’t tolerate any talk of magical nonsense–that is until Frosty comes through and changes things forever.

“Last Holiday”

A shy ambitious woman writes her dreams of being a professional cook down in a journal, but never pursues it. Instead, she works in the cookware section of a department store, until one day she bumps her head while flirting with her co-worker.

Upon examination, doctors tell her she has weeks to live, so the woman decides to quit her job and live life to its fullest.

“A Russell Peters Christmas Special”

Sometimes, we don’t want cuddly sentimental Christmas movies with cute dogs and love stories. Sometimes, we just want to laugh.

In comes comedian Russell Peters with a Christmas special

“Santa Buddies”

There are few things better than Beethoven trying to save Christmas–Air Bud’s puppies trying to save Christmas.

“White Christmas”

We couldn’t leave out this Christmas classic. This romantic-comedy-musical involves two singing acts joining together to save a former commanding officer’s failing inn in Vermont.

“While You Were Sleeping”

One of Sandra Bullock’s earlier films, she plays a lonely woman working for the Chicago Transit Authority and has a crush on a regular commuter. On Christmas day, she saves him from a tragic accident and accompanies him to the hospital where a nurse mistakes her for his fiancee.

“Love Actually”

Probably one of the best classic Christmas movies out there.

It’s a romantic-comedy that follows nine intertwined love stories and it will give you all the feels. Just keep a box of tissues handy.