Interview: Legends Of The Hidden Temple producer Scott Stone reveals the secrets of Olmec

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You might not know Scott Stone by name, but you know his work. The producer helped create The Mole, The Man Show, Loveline, Fun House, and Shop ’Til You Drop. He was also the executive producer of Legends Of The Hidden Temple, a Nickelodeon game show that challenged teams of kids to both answer trivia questions and race through a guard-riddled, temple-inspired obstacle course. Though Legends aired from 1993 to 1995, it still has surprisingly long tentacles into 2016, with nostalgic fans celebrating the game show with Halloween costumes and Nickelodeon launching a new “inspired by the game show” movie this Saturday, November 26. In anticipation of that project and in commemoration of the original, The A.V. Club got Stone on the horn to talk about temple guards, Olmec, and how kids could never figure out the Shrine Of The Silver Monkey.

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