Stephen Colbert Grills Donald Trump Over Cabinet, Russia (Video)

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Not so fast, “60 Minutes” — you’re not the only CBS show that’s going to have some fun with Donald Trump’s interview.

Stephen Colbert chopped up and inserted himself into the fray on Monday night, utilizing a clever “Daily Show”-style edit for the sake of comedy. The goal, of course, was to make our president-elect look like a buffoon. It seems Stephen succeeded.

At first, the former “Colbert Report” host mocked The Donald’s Trump Tower penthouse: “It looks like Caligula’s man-cave,” Colbert quipped.

The two then got down to the business of Russia, specifically the giant Trojan Horse Vladimir Putin supposedly sent his American pal. You might wanna crack the door open on that metaphorical homage, Mr. President.

Soon, Colbert turned this Trump quote against the incoming Commander-in-Chief: “What we are going to do is get the people who have criminal records — gang members, drug dealers — there’s a lot of these people.”

That’s how Trump is going to build his Cabinet, according to this cut. Yikes. Watch the video above.

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