9 Democrats Who Could Challenge Donald Trump for President in 2020 (Photos)

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Donald Trump shocked the world and beat Hillary Clinton to become the president-elect of the Unites States. He doesn’t take office until Jan. 20, but Democrats are already thinking about the next election. Here are seven Democrats who would put an end to the Trump movement in 2020.

The First Lady is a terrific public speaker and one of the most likeable members of the Democratic Party. She has saidĀ the job doesn’t interest her. However, if Trump isn’t unifying the nation as his term winds down, expect Democratic leadership to essentially beg Obama to run.

Cory Booker is a talented campaigner who is one of America’s most prominent African-Americans. The New Jersey Senator is known to be extremely popular among his peers and could provide a nice alternative to Trump. His speech at the 2016 Democratic Convention was widely praised by Democrats.

Bernie SandersĀ is arguably the most popular politician in America and came awfully close to upsetting Hillary Clinton to represent as the Democratic nominee this year.

WikiLeaks emails have exposed the DNC favored Clinton, so nobody really knows how close Sanders was to facing Trump. The 75-year-old may be too old for the gig in four years, but he’s too powerful of a figure to completely count out.

Elizabeth Warren could pick up supporters of the Bernie Sanders movement and she’s not afraid to fight back against Donald Trump.

“We are going to be smart, we are going to be organized, we’re going to use our time and talents in a strategic and careful way, but we are going to fight back. We are not going to turn this country over to what Donald Trump has sold,” the Massachusetts senator recently told MSNBC.

Well, we know that billionaires eyeing the White House without political experience shouldn’t be laughed at anymore. Mark Cuban has shown a passion for politics and was a special guest of Hillary Clinton at a recent presidential debate. He is openly anti-Trump and has the personality and attitude to beat the president-elect at his own game.

Current vice president Joe Biden is extremely popular and considered running against Clinton for a spot on the Democratic ticket in 2016 but declined after the tragic 2015 death of his son, Beau.

The 73-year-old could retire after serving neatly 50 years in public service, but a chance to take down Trump and restore President Obama’s policies could be hard to pass up for Biden.

It wouldn’t be fair to keep Kaine off the list, as Clinton selected him as the running mate on her ticket. He is fluent in Spanish, which would obviously appeal to minority voters who might be extremely frustrated after four years of President Trump. The Virginia Senator knows his way around Washington and shouldn’t e expected to go away anytime soon at age 58.

The Governor of New York is a staunch supporter of same-sex marriage and gun control, two things that voters may desire after four years of the Trump administration. Andrew Cuomo is popular in the Empire State and a close ally of Hillary Clinton.

California Senator-elect Harris is currently the state’s Attorney General and a champion of diversity who has vowed to fight against Trump’s proposed policies. California has the largest number of immigrants in America and Harris’ popularity among them could carry her to the White House.