Wrapid Fire: ‘Dr. Ken’ Star Ken Jeong Recalls In-Flight Medical Crisis (Exclusive Video)

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Ken Jeong — Dr. Ken Jeong — was on a plane recently when another passenger suffered vertigo and a flight attendant asked, “Is there anyone here that’s a doctor?”

Jeong raised his hand and said, “I used to be.” The attendant, who knew him only as Leslie Chow on “Community,” said, “Haha! Sit down, Chow!”

But Jeong really was an internal medicine resident at a New Orleans medical center before he became a star, an experience that provides the basis for his ABC series “Dr. Ken.”

Jeong sat down with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell for a quick game of Wrapid Fire to reveal whether he’s a “boxers or briefs” guy, and the craziest real-life medical situation he’s dealt with. (He also said his fellow passenger on the flight turned out to be fine.)

The biggest surprise came when Brazell asked what band he would join if he could.

“Red Hot Chili Peppers just ’cause I think they’re some of the most amazing musicians on the planet,” he said. “I’d play the triangle for the Red Hot Chili Peppers… and they need to return my calls.”

Take a look at the full clip above.

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