‘Younger’ Exclusive Sneak Peek: Liza Faces Off With Charles’ New Woman

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Keeping a low profile is hard when you’re damn good at your job.

On Tuesday’s new episode of “Younger,” Liza (Sutton Foster) once again catches someone’s eye at work. Only this time it’s not her boss Charles (Peter Hermann), but his new girlfriend Radha (India de Beaufort) who is curious about Liza.

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It’s not hard to see what Charles sees in Radha. Beyond her gorgeous looks, she has a law degree, speaks four languages, and devotes her life to environmental and social issues. She can’t possibly be jealous of Liza, but then why is she paying attention to her? Watch the sneak peek below to find out.

Radha appears incredibly sharp and perceptive. Too perceptive. Are her intentions good or do think she suspects Liza is hiding something?

“Younger” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TV Land.