Newswire: Petition non-violently asks Quentin Tarantino to direct Deadpool 2

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Despite the film becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, the sequel to irreverent superhero film Deadpool is on unsteady ground at the moment. This past weekend, we reported director Tim Miller had dropped out of the follow-up, supposedly over “amicable” creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. And the internet hates a void, even one so fleeting as the temporary loss of a director to a comic-book action film (especially such a void, really), so an enterprising fan named Carl Champion Jr. (slogan: “My last name is Champion”) has launched a petition to recruit Quentin Tarantino for the job.

“If there was ever a chance to see Tarantino do a project almost guaranteed to make a billion dollars, this is it,” begins the pitch, which is a strange way to start, given that almost no one’s No. 1 dream project for the idiosyncratic director is “something ...